Send Money Online

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Transferring money is now very easy, follow the simple registration steps below and start sending money online from home, office or on the go.

How To Register

  1. Download the Doha Exchange Mobile Application from App Store or Play Store.

  2. Enter the mobile number and Qatar ID No.

  3. OTP will be sent to registered customer mobile number.

  4. Enter the OTP received in the registered mobile number.

  5. Wait for the approval.

  6. On approval, you will be notified by an SMS.

  7. After approval, login with your mobile number and ID number.

  8. Set your MPIN and password.

How To Send Money Online

  1. Login with your MPIN.

  2. Enrol your finger print (if exist).

  3. Select the beneficiary. If beneficiary not exist you can add a new one.

  4. Verify the amount details.

  5. Choose the payment mode, purpose and source of fund.

  6. Confirm the details.

  7. Enter your password.

  8. Enter your card details.

  9. Enter the OTP received from your bank.

  10. Receive your e-receipt.

  11. Transaction details will be notified via SMS.

  12. Check your transaction status from 'My Transfers'.

Tips on keeping MPIN AND Passwords safe:

  • Change your MPIN and Pass at regular interval.

  • Cover keypad / protect yourself from someone stealing your MPIN/Pass behind your shoulder.

  • Memorize your MPIN & Pass. Avoid writing it anywhere.

  • Avoid using your mobile no.s or digits like 123456 as you MPIN.

  • Ensure to register/update your mobile number in your account to receive SMS about debit card and other transactions in the account.

  • Ensure that you are receiving SMS on registered mob no. after every success transaction.

  • Do not respond to any SMS, email or call asking you to share your ATM PIN or any other confidential data.

  • Contact us immediately if anything happened inadvertently.